New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 45

NJ 45 Ends

Southern End

45 ends at NJ 49 in Salem.
Northern End

45 ends at US 130 in Westville.

45 north at 130. This assembly should read "NORTH 130".

130 south as 45 begins.

Markings on the 130 north overpass over 45 south.
Historic Northern End

45 ended with NJ 25 along US 30 at the Pennsylvania state line on the Ben Franklin Bridge in Camden until 1953. (It is unclear if it ended at the modern US 30/130 junction, but I am assuming it continued west.)

30 west/historic 25 south/historic 45 north entering Pennsylvania.

30 east entering New Jersey as 25 north and 45 south began.

Looking northwest toward Pennsylvania from Camden. The whole bridge is and was 30, and 25/45 began in the middle of the bridge and headed east (right) into NJ.
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