New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 444S

Garden State Parkway Spur (444S) Ends

Southern End

444S ends at Hope Road (Monmouth CR 51) at the south end of NJ 36 in Eatontown.

36 ends at Hope Rd. and 444S begins.
Northern End

444S ends at the Garden State Parkway (444) in Tinton Falls. It is defined as following the northbound ramp to the 444 north Express roadway.

444 south in the Local and Express lanes at the north end of 444S.

444 north at and onto the ramp to 36 north. The ramp roadway parallels the defined 444S mainline but never joins it, so it's not clear whether the ramp is officially considered part of 444S or not.

The 444 north Local roadway under "Eatontown Spur", the ramps to and from 444 south. The overpass behind it carries the defined 444S north mainline to the 444 north Express roadway, while the ramp from 444S north merges into 444 north Local beyond that.
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