New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 440

NJ 440 Ends

The southern section of 440 was the northern NJ S4 until 1953.
Southern End (Southern Section)

440 ends at I-95 (NJ Turnpike) and the south end of I-287.

440 south at its end, becoming 287 at shared Mile 0.

287 south approaching its end.

95 south at Interchange 10 leading to 287 and 440. The last two photos are over the Inner Roadway and Outer Roadway respectively.

Entering 95 at Interchange 10 from 287/440. I don'tknow which direction I went, but signs should be the same for both.

Exiting 95 at Interchange 10, the ramps go in a complete circle and ultimately reenter the toll plaza depending on decisions made by the driver. You can see that CR 514 is also very close to the ends of 287 and 440.

514 east, parallel to 95 just to the east.
Historic Southern End (Southern Section)

440 ended at US 9 along CR 501 and what is now NJ 184 until the current freeway alignment opened in 1974.

9 south under the bridge carrying 501 and the historic end of 440. This sign (and the bridge) is old enough to date to when 440 ended here instead of 184.

Corresponding old sign and bridge stamp along 9 north, pointing along 501 west from what was the end of 440 west (then signed east-west).

The ramp from 9 south at 501, reached by bearing left. 184 now begins across the Garden State Pkwy. overpass to the right but 440 began at the 9 overpass to the left.

184 west at that same intersection, or 501 west just beyond the historic end of 440 west.
Northern End (Southern Section)

440 enters New York on the Outerbridge Crossing at the east end of CR 501's southern section in Perth Amboy.

440 north/501 east at the Outerbridge Crossing.

NY 440 north across the border. Taken by Lou Corsaro.

440 north/501 east at the New York state line, and the end of 501 east. Taken 7/30/00 by Ray Martin.

440 south at the state line, where 501 west begins. First photo taken 7/30/00 by Ray Martin and second photo taken 6/5/02 by Chris Mason.
Southern End (Northern Section)

440 enters New York on the Bayonne Bridge at the south end of CR 501's northern section in Bayonne.

NJ-NY 440, the Bayonne Bridge. The first two photos look south, where the state line is mid-span, and the third photo looks west, where 440 reenters New Jersey mid-span and heads right.
Northern End (Northern Section)

440 ends at US 1 Truck/US 9 Truck in Jersey City.

440 north.

1/9 Truck south bear right and 440 south begins ahead.

The first reassurance sign on 440 south.

1/9 Truck north approaching 440. 1/9 Truck turns left, 440 is to the right, and Communuipaw Ave. is straight ahead.
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