New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 42

NJ 42 Ends

Historic Southern End

42 ended along US 322 at its junction with US 40 (then NJ 48) until 1953.

322/historic 42 west leaving 40/historic 48 west. 40 west now uses a reverse loop jughandle at this intersection so it's leaving 322 west at the first sign.

40/historic 48 east at 322 across from Hamilton Mall. 42 began to the left.
Southern End

42 ends at US 322 and the south end of CR 536 Spur in Williamstown.

NJ 42 north at its beginning, where US 322 west takes a jughandle (and should be signed TO 536 west).

US 322 west in the same location.
Northern End

42 ends at I-295 and the east end of I-76 in Bellmawr.

42 north at its end, first photo taken by Doug Kerr.

76 east at 295. It becomes 42 past this point.

295 south through the 76/42 interchange. Construction is underway to reroute 295 to fly over 76/42 and Browning Road (the overpass in the first photo). 42 south begins where 295 south leaves the interchange in the last photo.
Historic Northern End

At some point in or after 1929, 42 was truncated to its officially defined end at Camden CR 603 (Ferry Ave.) where state maintenance ended at the Woodlynne/Camden border. This remained the end of 42 until 1957 when it was transferred to the North-South Freeway and is now the north end of NJ 168. The 1953 renumbering officially redefined the end to be well to the north at Kaighn Ave., but this was likely an error.
Original Northern End

42 continued along Mt. Ephraim Ave. to end at Haddon Ave. (historic US 30) until 1929 when US 30's current alignment opened. Since NJ 43 appears to have followed that alignment as well, 42 either remained here for some time or was truncated back to state maintenance at Ferry Ave.; it is unlikely to have been extended along city-maintained former 43.
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