New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 41

NJ 41 Ends

Southern End

41 ends at NJ 47 in Deptford.

41 south at its end. 47 south is straight and 47 north is to the right.

47 north at the beginning of 41, which becomes Gloucester CR 630 (Egg Harbor Rd.) to the east.

47 south.
Historic Southern Segment - Northern End

Until 1953, 41 ended at NJ 42 (now 168) in Runnemede, in anticipation of the unbuilt southern half of the bypass that is now NJ 154.

41 north at historic 42. Until around 2001, CR 573 was considered Temporary 41, although signage persisted for years after.

168/historic 42 north where 41 south began to the left and to the right was a county road (not yet 573).
Historic Northern Segment - Southern End

Until 1953, 41 followed what is now NJ 154 and ended at CR 561 in Cherry Hill.
Northern End

41 ends north of the NJ 73 interchange in Maple Shade.

41 south from its beginning into the interchange.
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