New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - US 40

US 40 Ends

Western End

US 40 enters Pennsylvania on the Delaware Memorial Bridge with I-295 in Pennsville.

40 west/295 south entering Delaware. The border is on New Jersey's side of the historical low water mark of the Delaware River.

40 east/295 north in Delaware, entering New Jersey at the far side of the river.

Aerial photo of the NJ side of the Delaware Memorial Bridge. 295/40 enter the state at bottom right.
Historic Western End

40 historically went south along NJ 49 to end at the ferry in Pennsville, until the Delaware Memorial Bridge opened in 1951. It is unclear whether 40 used the Penns Grove ferry at the historic end of NJ 48 for any length of time.
Eastern End

US 40 ends at Atlantic Avenue with US 322 in Atlantic City.

Atlantic Ave. south at 40/322 west. The "TO" is misleading as 40 begins right here as well as 322.
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