New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 40

Historic NJ 40 Ends

40 was renumbered to 70 in 1953 to avoid duplication with US 40, but the ends were changed at that time.
Historic Western End

40 ended with 38 at US 30/US 130 at Airport Circle in Pennsauken.

38/historic 40 west approaching and in Airport Circle.

30 east at 130. 70 is signed here but only historically did 40 begin here with 38.

30 west/130 north at Airport Circle. In the circle itself, US 130 has another exit to 30 west.

The next exit on 130 north after 30 west leaves is to 38/historic 40 east.

130 south at and in Airport Circle. 30 east is on a flyover ramp and has not yet joined.
Historic Eastern End

40 ended at NJ 34/NJ 35, which is now the junction of NJ 70/NJ 88.

70 east, historically the end of 40 east. 35 followed what is now 88 and 34 began straight ahead on 70 on the other side of what was then a circle.

Following conversion of the circle to a five-leg intersection, 88 east is no longer able to turn left to continue on itself. This sign faces Post Rd. north, which maintains a through route for 88 east traffic that duplicates the original movement of 35 north leaving the end of 40.
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