New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 4

NJ 4 Ends

Historic Southern Segment - Southern End

4 ended where NJ 109 now ends at Jackson St. (Cape May CR 633) in Cape May.
Historic Southern Segment - Northern End

4 ended where NJ 35 now ends at NJ 27 in Rahway.
Historic Western End

4's northern segment, now the only one, appears to have extended south along what is now NJ 20 to its end at US 46. Other sources show 4 west along Broadway into Paterson or south from 20/46 to the north end of what is now NJ 161, but I don't have enough proof to include them here.

46 east at 20, historically 6 east at 3 west/4 east.

46 west at 20 and on the ramp toward Crooks Ave.

20 south merging into 46 west, historically the segment ends of 3 east and 4 west. 3 was likely signed east from here to connect to Secaucus on city and county roads.

Aerial view of the beginning of 20/historic 4 (bottom right), heading north from 46 to the right.
Western End

4 ends at NJ 20 in Paterson.

4 west at its end.

20 north.

20 north at the 4 overpass. Broadway is the western continuation of 4.

20 south.
Eastern End

4 ends at US 1/US 9/US 46/I-95 and US 9W in Fort Lee.

4 east at its end. Exit 72 is 95's numbering and leads only to 9W.

95 north Exit 72 under the merge from 4 east into 1/9/95 north.

"State Highway Route 4" stamped into that overpass parapet.

Former signage on 1/9/95 south/46 west near the beginning of 4. Taken by John Krakoff.

Old and new signs on the ramp from 1/9/95 north and 4/46 east to 9W, pointing to a U-turn to the beginning of 4.

9W north at the beginning of 4 from Bridge Plaza North.

9W south.
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