New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 36

NJ 36 Ends

36 started out as just the northern half of the route until 1940. It was signed east-west from inception into the 2000s even as the rest of the route was north-south.
Southern End

36 ends at Hope Road (Monmouth CR 51) at the south end of the Garden State Parkway spur (444S) in Eatontown.

36 ends at Hope Rd. and 444S begins.

36 signed from Garden State Pkwy. (444) north, though it does not begin until crossing Hope Rd.

444 south in the Local and Express lanes, again signing 36 before it begins.
Historic Eastern End

36 originally ended at the east end of the bridge to Sea Bright.

36 east historically ended at Hartshorne Dr. to Sandy Hook. Before 1940, this was a left turn at a wye intersection across the parallel railroad track (long since removed).

What is now 36 north looking at the new bridge to Highlands. 36 west historically began across the previous, lower drawbridge.
Northern/Historic Western End

36 ends at NJ 35 in Keyport.

35 south at the beginning of 36.

444 north approaching Exit 117, former 444R, which connects to the north end of 36.
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