New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 35

NJ 35 Ends

Original Southern End

35 ended at US 9 in Lakewood until 1953 at what is now the end of NJ 88.

9 south at 88/historic 35.
Relocated Southern End

35 was relocated in 1953 to end along Central Ave. at Hamilton Ave. in Seaside Heights, then the east end of 37, until 1958.
Historic Southern End

In 1958, NJDOT completed the bypass around Seaside Heights that 35 now follows. 37 was truncated to the bypass and 35 was rerouted to end at the south end of the bypass in Seaside Park. It remained there until 1980, when a jurisdiction swap of NJ 180 with Ocean County extended 35 to its current end.

35 north enters the bypass from Central Ave. at its historic beginning.

35 south from its former end, turning from Bayview Ave. to Central Ave. just south of the end of the bypass.
Southern End

35 ends at Island Beach State Park in Berkeley Twp.

35 south at the park entrance and Mile 0.
Historic Northern End

35 ended along Stevens Ave. in South Amboy at the original US 9, Main St. It was extended when the city was bypassed in 1937 and reached its current end shortly thereafter.
Northern End

35 ends at NJ 27 in Rahway.
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