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NJ 32 Ends

32 was part of US 202 and the designation was removed in 1953, then reused for a different road.
Historic Southern End

The original 32 ended along US 202 where it meets US 206 and historic NJ 31 in Bedminster. All photos at this end were taken 6/9/05 by Tim Reichard.

202/206/historic 31 north up to where they split and 32 north began. 31 historically followed 206.

206/historic 31 north from the split, with 202 entering/leaving to the right and 32 ending/beginning.

206/historic 31 south at the 202/historic 32 junction.
Historic Northern End

The original 32 ended along US 202 where it meets NJ 23 in Mountain View.

202 south exits 23 south onto the historic beginning of 32 south. The 202/historic 32 north ramp entering 23 north is visible to the left. Photos taken circa 2002.

23 north approaching 202 south and the end of historic 32. Photos taken circa 2002.

A wider view of 23/202 south at historic 32. Taken 5/21/02 by Doug Kerr.

23 north as 202 north merges in and historic 32 north ended.
Western End

32 ends at US 130 in South Brunswick.

The ramp from 130 south comes to a Park and Ride lot. 32 begins upon crossing 130 to the left.
Eastern End

32 ends at I-95 (NJ Turnpike) in South Brunswick.

32 east ends and becomes Middlesex CR 612.

95 south at the interchange where 32 begins.

Interchange 8A ramps leaving 95. 32 east ends as it crosses 95.

As part of widening the NJ Turnpike, a new ramp was built from 32 to the Inner Roadway south, seen at right center of the second image. The overpass in the foreground carries 32 as it ends.
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