New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 30/31/69

NJ 31/Historic NJ 30/Historic NJ 69 Ends

The original 31 was renumbered to US 206 and NJ 94 in 1953. It had an unbuilt gap that resulted in a disconnected northern segment. 30 was renumbered to 69 in 1953 due to US 30. 69 was renumbered to 31 in 1967 due to sign theft.
Historic Southern Segment - Southern End

The original 31 ended along US 206 at NJ 27 in Princeton.

27 south at Easton Tpk. (now CR 583) just before 206. 27 now ends here but used to continue toward Trenton while 31 north began to the right.

All other photos at this end were taken 7/2/2002 by Ray Martin.

An older view of those signs on 27 south.

27 north from 206/historic 31.
Southern End

31 ends at US 206 in Trenton.

206 north approaching 31. This used to be US 1 Alt and was signed for a time after 1988 as US 1 Bus. Taken 6/23/02 by Chris Mason.
Northern End

31 ends at US 46 in Buttzville.
Historic Southern Segment - Northern End

The southern segment of 31 ended along US 206 at NJ 8 (now 94) in downtown Newton. 31 was planned to continue east and NJ S31 followed 206 to the north.

This is the southeast corner of the town square. 8 north ended at the previous entrance (High St.). Here, 206/31 south turned right and 206/31 north were to the left.

206 north at Spring St., historically where 31 north was intended to turn right and 31 south would have entered. S31 began a block to the left.
Historic Northern Segment - Southern End

The northern segment began along what is now NJ 94 in North Church, which is in the vicinity of North Church Rd. (Sussex CR 631) in Hardyston.
Historic Northern Segment - Northern End

31 entered New York in Vernon.
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