New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 3

NJ 3 Ends

Historic Western End

3 ended in Paterson at the north end of what is now NJ 20 until 1953, when NJDOT realized it would never complete 3 from Secaucus to Paterson and created 20 as a separate route. One might consider 20 to be the western segment of 3 with the eastern segment starting at the original north end of NJ 120 (now at CR 503), but since most maps show 3 shields connecting the alignments along existing streets (Paterson Plank Rd. to Wallington, Main St. in Passaic), I am considering 3 as a single route pre-1953.

3 west ended where 20 north now ends and CR 504 west begins. 504 east extends 1 block to the left to the historic beginning of 3 east on 2nd Ave.

The signed beginning of 20 south/historic 3 east is near the east end of 2nd Ave., which is inaccurate. First photo taken by Chris Mason.
Western End

3 ends at US 46 in Clifton.

3 west under 46 at its end.

46 east at the beginning of 3.

The ramp from 46 west to Valley Rd. merges into 3 west at its end and then diverges.
Eastern End

3 ends at US 1/US 9 in North Bergen.

3 east at its end.
Original Eastern End

3 originally followed 39th St. to Park Ave. in Weehawken until the Lincoln Tunnel opened in 1937. The current eastern end of 3 opened in 1933 and both parallel segments may have been considered branches of 3 with separate ends in those four years.
Historic Eastern End

Until 1959 when I-495 was defined, 3 headed east along what is now NJ 495 to the Lincoln Tunnel. The current end of 3 east of 495 appears to have still been considered part of 3 as well.

Driving east into the South Tube of the tunnel to the marked state line where 3 ended.

The marked state line in the Center Tube, which can flow east, west, or both in its two lanes.

The North Tube heading west to the marked state line where 3 west begans.
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