New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 29

NJ 29 Ends

Southern End

29 ends at I-295 and the west end of I-195 in Hamilton.

29 south at its end, first photo taken by Scott Colbert.

29 north is signed with 129 north, which should be "TO".

195 west ends and becomes 29 north.

295 north at the beginnings of 29 and 195. The last photo is on the ramp to both.

295 south.
Original Southern End

29 originally ended at a circle in front of the Trenton War Memorial, with a likely southern terminus a block to the east at US 206 and former US 1 Alternate. In the early 1960s, it was extended south over what had been the first incarnation of NJ 152.

206 and former 1 Alt south at John Fitch Way, where 29 likely began to the right.

Heading south from the end of 29, 206 south immediately turned left from 1 Alt south. I believe 1 Alt continued straight on Warren St. to the "Trenton Makes" bridge approach and that this shield is erroneous.
Historic Southern End

When 29 was extended over 152, it was defined as ending at the Trenton city line. This was shown on maps, but since 152 only extended as far as state maintenance to Waren St. at modern 29, it is not clear that 29 ever extended beyond, at most, Cass St. at Lamberton St. (now by 29 north), which is where I believe the historic southern end to be prior to tunnel completion in 2002.
Northern End

29 ends at 12 in Frenchtown.

State maintenance ends at Frenchtown but 29 north continues to 12.

12 west at 29, not "TO".
Historic Northern End

29 ended with US 22 at US 1/US 9 and the south end of NJ 21 in Newark. It was truncated from US 202 and US 22 in 1953. I am not sure if 29 was still signed north-south at this point or east-west to coincide with US 22.

22/historic 29 east nearing its end and the beginning of 21.

1/9 north at the beginnings of 21 and 22/historic 29.

1/9 south.

21 south at the ramp to what should be US 22, not NJ 22, and historic 29.
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