New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 28 and 29 Link

Historic NJ 28 and 29 Link Ends

28 and 29 Link was part of US 22 and the designation was removed in 1953.
Historic Western End

28 and 29 Link ended along US 22 at what is now the west end of NJ 28.

22 west, formerly the end of 28 and 29 Link. From 1943 when the North Branch bypass opened, 28 west joined the highway here and continued west along 22. It only ran west on Easton Tpk. until then.
Historic Eastern End

28 and 29 Link ended along US 22 at US 202/206, which was then NJ 29/NJ 31.

US 22/historic NJ 29 west to US 202/206, which used to have a different interchange configuration. 28 and 29 Link west began along US 22 from here. The last photo is on the ramp to 202/206 north, shortly before 29 west left 22.

The overpass carrying 22 west over Mountain Ave. is numbered Route 28-29. This is the easternmost overpass built as part of 28 and 29 Link just before the original circle entrance from 22/29.

202/206 north. 29 east (or possibly north to this point) followed the ramp to 22 east and 31 north followed 206 through the interchange. 28 and 29 Link followed 22 from here west.

202/206/historic 31 south. The second photo led to the beginning of 28 and 29 Link west. 29 east followed 22 east and 29 west (or south) joined 202/206 ahead.
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