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I-287 Ends

Southern End

I-287 ends at I-95 (NJ Turnpike) and the south end of NJ 440.

287 south approaching its end.

440 south at its end, becoming 287 at shared Mile 0.

95 south at Interchange 10 leading to 287 and 440. The last two photos are over the Inner Roadway and Outer Roadway respectively.

Entering 95 at Interchange 10 from 287/440. I don'tknow which direction I went, but signs should be the same for both.

Exiting 95 at Interchange 10, the ramps go in a complete circle and ultimately reenter the toll plaza depending on decisions made by the driver. You can see that CR 514 is also very close to the ends of 287 and 440.

514 east, parallel to 95 just to the east. The next ramp joins the Interchange 10 ramps toward 287 north and 95.

514 west at a ramp that joins 287 north as it begins over 95.
Historic Northern End

From 1962 until 1991, I-287 ended at Exit 47 (US 202) in Montville. This was more than just an interim end during construction, as the original plan was to built I-287 toward the east and then cut north to New York. After decades of planning, the current alignment was substituted and construction began to complete the highway.

287 north at the exit where it historically ended. The road transitions from asphalt to concrete here; most of the new freeway was done in concrete to the north.

287 south on the new alignment tying into the historic beginning of the route.

202 south at the interchange. Notice that the 287 north signs are newer than the 287 south signs, which likely means the latter predate I-287's completion in 1993.
Northern End

I-287 enters New York with NJ 17 in Mahwah.

17 north/287 north at the NY state line. The New York State DOT signs are posted on the New Jersey side. Second photo taken by Chris Mason. Third photo taken 7/31/99 by Ray Martin.

NY 17 north/287 north across the state line where they meet I-87 (New York Thruway). 287 changes directions to east here, incorrectly left off the overhead sign.

17 south/287 south at the New York state line. Taken 7/31/99 by Ray Martin.

I-87 south/NY 17 south at I-287 where they split just north of the state line. Second photo taken 11/21/00 by Doug Kerr.

I-87 north/I-287 west at NY 17 where they split just north of the state line. Taken 3/31/02 by Doug Kerr.
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