New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - I-280

I-280 Ends

Western End

I-280 ends at I-80 in Parsippany.

280 west curves left and merges into 80 west.

80 east at the beginning of 280.

The 80 east C-D road from I-287 to I-280, signed as Local I-80, at its ramp to 280 east.
Eastern End

I-280 ends at I-95 (NJ Turnpike Easterly Alignment) in Kearny.

280 east past the Turnpike toll plaza. 280 east officially follows the path of Exit 16E toward 95, while the last sign is at the Westerly Alignment (95W) ramp split.

More recently, Interchange 15X opened on 95 and the sign message along 280 east was adjusted.

95 south approaching the beginning of 280.
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