New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 28

NJ 28 Ends

Historic Western End

28 ended along US 22 and later US 22 Alternate at the Pennsylvania state line on the Northampton Street Bridge in Phillipsburg. It was removed from these US highways in 1953.

Historic 28 west ending along original 22 west and later 22 Alt into Easton. The bridge carries three lanes, so the center lane becomes a left turn lane halfway across the bridge for each direction.

Looking northwest from South Main St. (former 28) at the bridge. 28 west ended midspan.

Looking northeast from Pennsylvania at the bridge and the beginning of 28.
Western End

28 ends at US 22 in Bridgewater.

22 west at the end of 28. 28 used to continue west from here but now only goes east.
Eastern End

28 ends at NJ 27 south in Elizabeth.

27 south turns left and 28 begins straight ahead.

Looking east from the end of 28. 27 south uses the opposite direction of Westfield Ave.
Historic Eastern End

28 formerly extended a block east to 27 north in Elizabeth.

Mile END and the old NJ signpost at 27 north, the former east end of 28.

27 south at Cherry St., now one-way northbound as 27 north but once both directions of 27. This was once the beginning of 28 west (straight ahead) and for awhile the 27/28 multiplex. The destinations on the guide sign are both on 28 west.

Past Cherry St., 28 west is signed as beginning before 27 south turns off. This sign placement was never correct; 28 has always begun at an intersection.

27 north approaching Westfield Ave.

27 north from the former end of 28.
Original Eastern End

28 ended at the New York state line on the Goethals Bridge in Elizabeth until 1953, in favor of numbering the bridge approach NJ 439 to match NY 439.

East across the bridge to the border where 28 ended.

West from New York into New Jersey where 28 began.

Looking south from Newark Airport at the Goethals Bridge, where 28 ended midspan. The Arthur Kill Vertical Lift (railroad) Bridge is in front.

Looking east from Bayway Ave. at the Goethals Bridge as construction of its replacement begins. Photo taken May 2015.
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