New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - I-278

I-278 Ends

Western End

I-278 ends at US 1/US 9 in Linden. It was intended to continue northwest to I-78 in Springfield.

278 west leaves its intended alignment and merges into 1/9 south. The NJ shield is in error.

Aerial view of the west end of 278. 278 west travels to the top of the image and curves left into 1/9 south. 278 east curves from 1/9 north at top left. The intended freeway mainline is the cleared area between those roadways.

1/9 north at the beginning of 278.
Eastern End

I-278 enters New York on the Goethals Bridge in Elizabeth.

278 east across the bridge to the border.

278 west from New York into New Jersey.

Looking south from Newark Airport at the Goethals Bridge, where 278 enters NY midspan. The Arthur Kill Vertical Lift (railroad) Bridge is in front.

Looking east from Bayway Ave. at the Goethals Bridge as construction of its replacement begins. Photo taken May 2015.
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