New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 27

NJ 27 Ends

Historic Southern End

27 ended along US 1 at the Pennsylvania state line on the "Trenton Makes" (Lower Trenton) Bridge in Trenton. It was removed from what became US 1 Alternate and US 206 in 1953.

Historic 1/27 south into Pennsylvania.

Looking northwest at the bridge. 27 began midspan and headed north with 1 into New Jersey to the right.
Southern End

27 ends at US 206 in Princeton.

27 south at 583; 27 ends just ahead at US 206.

All other photos at this end were taken 7/2/2002 by Ray Martin.

An older view of those signs on 27 south.

27 north from 206.
Northern End

27 ends at 21 in Newark.
Historic Northern End

Instead of turning on Poinier St., 27 stayed on Frelinghuysen St. until Astor St. after 1953. Sometime between 1982 and 1998, it was moved to its current end, possibly among other statewide changes in 1988.
Original Northern End

27 ended at Broad St. at Lincoln Park in Newark until 1953.
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