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NJ 26 Ends

Historic Southern End

26 ended at the Brunswick Circle in Lawrenceville until 1953 when it was removed from US 1. All photos at this end were taken 7/23/02 by Ray Martin.

All photos at this end taken 7/23/02 by Ray Martin.

Brunswick Circle at the Brunswick Pike exit. Until 1953, 26 north began to the right as 1 north exited the circle and NJ 27 north continued to the left with US 206 north.

Brunswick Circle at the Lawrenceville Rd. exit. Until 1953, this was 1 south from the end of 26 south, continuing left in the circle, while 27/206 north left the circle here.

Brunswick Ave. north leaving Brunswick Circle, historically 1/26 north.
Southern End

26 ends at US 1 in North Brunswick.

1 north.

1 south.
Northern End

26 ends at the North Brunswick/New Brunswick border.

26 north at its end.
Historic Northern End

26 continued north on Livingston Ave. to end at NJ 171, and before that US 130, on George St. in New Brunswick. Sometime after 1965, 26 was truncated to its current end and 171 was rerouted onto part of former 26 on Livingston Ave.

Looking southeast on George St (former 130/171, now 527 south), a block before they split, in 1937. In 1937, 130 overlapped 26 and what's now 527 was NJ S28 (which later became NJ 18). Until 2019, 171 south turned right up ahead where 26 used to turn. The R served the purpose of an advance right turn plate. From Old New Brunswick.
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