New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 25T

Historic NJ 25T Ends

25T was part of US 1 Truck/US 9 Truck and the designation was removed in 1953.
Historic Western End

25T ended at NJ 25 (US 1/US 9) in Newark.

The historic beginning of 25T from the local lanes of 1/9/historic 25 north. The final photo was taken 6/14/01 by David Greenberger.

Ferry St. east, which turned into 25T and was part of the original Lincoln Highway.

25T north just after exiting from 1/9/historic 25 north.

25T south underneath 1/9 (Pulaski Skyway). While the ramp to the right technically was still 25T, it ended upon merging with the local lane ramp from the Pulaski Skyway.

25T south ended to the right where the ramp from 1/9 south (left two signs) merges.

Raymond Blvd. west from 25T under 1/9/historic 25.
Historic Eastern End

25T ended along 1/9 Truck at NJ 1 (now NJ 440) in Jersey City.

1/9 Truck north approaching 440. Historically, NJ 1 was left and right and US 1/9 Truck turned left onto it from the end of 25T. Communuipaw Ave. is straight ahead.

440 north, historically 1 north at the beginning of 25T to the left. 1 continued ahead onto US 1/9 Truck.

US 1/9 Truck south bore right onto 25T as NJ 1 continued ahead.
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