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Historic US 22 Alternate Ends

US 22 Alternate generally traced the old route of US 22 through Phillipsburg. In 1993, the city- and county-maintained roadways in Phillipsburg were removed from the state highway logs and the eastern remainder of the route became NJ 122.
Original Western End

Until 1958, 22 Alt entered Pennsylvania on the Northampton Street Bridge in Phillipsburg.

Original 22 west and later 22 Alt into Easton. The bridge carries three lanes, so the center lane becomes a left turn lane halfway across the bridge for each direction.

Looking northwest from South Main St. (former 22 Alt) at the bridge. 22 Alt entered New Jersey midspan and headed east.

Looking northeast from Pennsylvania at the bridge and the beginning of 22 Alt in NJ.
Historic Western End

In 1958, possibly due to Easton wanting to remove traffic from its downtown, 22 Alt was rerouted to end at the westernmost interchange of US 22 in Phillipsburg.

This faced 3rd St. east, which was the relocated end of 22 Alt west. It turned right onto the ramp to the toll bridge and merged into 22 west.

In the 1950s, 22 still used Memorial Pkwy. east of 3rd St. instead of the modern toll plaza approach farther up the hillside. These signs faced Memorial Pkwy. WB after that time, located at 3rd St. where 22 Alt west came in.
Historic Eastern End

22 Alt ended at US 22 in Pohatcong at what is now 122's eastern end.

122/historic 22 Alt west from 22.

22 east at the east end of 122/historic 22 Alt.

22 west.
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