New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - US 22

US 22 Ends

Historic Western End

US 22 entered Pennsylvania on the Northampton Street Bridge in Phillipsburg until the new bridge opened in 1940.

Historic US 22 west into Easton. The bridge carries three lanes, so the center lane becomes a left turn lane halfway across the bridge for each direction.

Looking northwest from South Main St. (historic 22) at the bridge.

Looking northeast from Pennsylvania at the bridge as 22 east entered New Jersey.
Western End

22 enters Pennsylvania in Phillipsburg.

The Easton-Phillipsburg Toll Bridge where 22 enters Pennsylvania approximately midspan. The second photo looks west fron NJ.

Looking east from Pennsylvania.

22 west approaching and across the bridge.
Historic Eastern End

22 ended with 27-28 Link along what is now NJ 28 at NJ 27 north (historic US 1/US 9) in Elizabeth until the road to Newark opened in 1934.

Mile END from historic 28 and the NJ signpost at 27 north that dates to when this was the east end of US 22/27-28 Link.

27 south at Cherry St., now one-way northbound as 27 north but once both directions of 27. This was the beginning of 22 west and 27-28 Link west (straight ahead). The destinations on the guide sign are both on 22.

This was historically 22/27-28 Link west from 27. 28 west is erroneously signed as beginning before 27 south now turns off.

27 north approaching Westfield Ave. 22 began with 27 and 28 Link to the left ahead.

27 north from the former end of 22 east.
Eastern End

22 ends at US 1/US 9 and the south end of NJ 21 in Newark.

22 east nearing its end and the beginning of 21.

1/9 north at the beginnings of 21 and 22.

1/9 south.

21 south at the ramp to what should be US 22, not NJ 22.
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