New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 21A

Historic NJ 21A Ends

NJ 21A was designated along the former alignment of NJ 21 in 1960 when the corresponding freeway segment opened. It was decommissioned shortly thereafter, and probably only existed because agreements were needed with both Newark and Belleville.
Historic Southern End

21A ended at northbound Exit 5 of the 21 freeway in Newark.

Exit 5 was the transition of 21 north into a surface street and briefly became the beginning of 21A north.

21 north enters the lower level of the double-deck viaduct that opened in 1960 to create 21A.
Historic Northern End

21A ended at or north of Mill St. at 21 south Exit 5 in Belleville. The old road continues north of Mill St. into a parking lot, so this part may also have been part of 21A, or 21A may have ended at the exit ramp.

Main St./historic 21A north at Mill St.

Historic 21A south from there into Newark.

21 south to Exit 5 where 21A south may have begun.
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