New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 21

NJ 21 Ends

Southern End

21 ends at US 1/US 9 and the east end of US 22 in Newark.

1/9 north at the beginnings of 21 and 22.

1/9 south.

21 south at the ramp to what should be US 22, not NJ 22.

22 east nearing its end and the beginning of 21.
Original Northern End

21 ended along Main St. at NJ 7 in Belleville until 1948, when the defined end was extended north to Elmwood Park and construction started toward the historic northern end below.

Main St. south at 7. The NJ 21 freeway is now overhead but 21 south historically began ahead on Main St. (now covered by the freeway). The portion of signed 7 to the right is technically only CR 506.

506/signed 7 east at the NJ 21 overpass above. 21 south historically began to the right as a surface street along the river.
Historic Northern End

The last section of original 21 was completed in 1974, up to Exit 12 (Monroe St.). 21 was planned to cross the Passaic River and tie into I-80 at Exit 61. After many years, that plan was abandoned and the current alignment opened in 2000.

The first guide signs along 21 south from its former beginning.
Northern End

21 ends at US 46 in Clifton.

21 north ends and merges into 46 east.

46 west at the beginning of 21.

21 south has two immediate exits upon leaving 46 west.

Aerial view of the beginning of 21 (top left), heading south from 46 to the left.
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