New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 208/S4B

NJ 208/Historic NJ S4B Ends

S4B was renumbered to 208 in 1953.
Southern End

208 ends at NJ 4 and Bergen CR 79 in Fair Lawn.

4 west as 208 north begins. The first photo was taken by Doug Kerr.

4 east just after 208 south merges in.
Northern End

208 ends at I-287 in Oakland.

208 north. The first two photos and the 3rd/4th photos are each on the left and right of the same gantry.

287 north at the split to 208 south. The mile of 287 west of the end of 208 was built as part of 208 and then incorporated into 287, which is why the roadway splits evenly here.

287 south.
Historic Northern End

208 ended at W Oakland Ave. west of US 202 in Oakland. I-287 was constructed over the north end of 208 in 1993, truncating it to its current end.

287 north at the Exit 58 ramps, which are located in the same spot as the tie-in from 208 to W Oakland Ave.

Shortly after Exit 58 from 287 south, the current entrance ramp from 202 was instead a tie-in to Powder Mill Lane. 208 north then had an exit ramp directly to Powder Mill Lane for access to 202 south as it curved into W Oakland Ave.

202 north at W Oakland Ave., just east of the tie-in from 208.
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