New Jersey Roads - Route Log - 5xx Ends - 203

Historic SR 203 Ends

203 was one of three routes predating the 5xx system along with 200 and 201. It was created in 1938 and probably officially died in 1952 upon creation of the 5xx system, but may have been signed until construction of the Palisades Interstate Pkwy. (445) in 1954.
Historic Southern End

203 ended along what is now CR 505 at CR 501 (JFK Blvd.) in Union City.

505/historic 203 south at 501 on 37th St. 505 north is now on 38th St. a block to the north.
Historic Northern End

203 ran to the Alpine ferry dock and likely curved uphill to end at US 9W/historic NJ 1 in Alpine. If it instead ended at the ferry dock, the road uphill may have been part of 200 and/or 201, but this page assumes it to have been 203. 9W was rerouted when 445 was built, so the actual junction is under 445 north.

The way to access the north end of historic 203 now is to turn east from 9W under 445 at Exit 2, then bear right to head south on Henry Hudson Dr. The road picks up former 203 in about 1/3 mile.
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