New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - US 122/US 202

US 202/Historic US 122 Ends

Southern End

202 enters Pennsylvania in Delaware Twp. just north of Lambertville.

202 south on the New Hope-Lambertville Toll Bridge at the border.
Historic Southern End

Until the new toll bridge was built, 202 entered Pennsylvania along what is now NJ 179 on the old bridge in Lambertville.

202 south at the state line.

202 north from Pennsylvania.

Looking southwest at the New Hope-Lambertville Bridge.

Looking south along the Delaware River from the border.

Looking north along the Delaware River, with the modern US 202 bridge in the background.
Historic Northern End

122 ended at US 22 in Whitehouse Station until 1930, at which point it was extended to the New York line at the current 202 crossing in preparation for being renumbered as a southward extension of 202 from New England. 122 was intended to follow 202's route from Flemington even before 1930 but that was not yet built.

CR 523 north, historically the end of 122 north, at 22.
Northern End

202 enters New York in Mahwah as CR 507 ends along it.

202 west in Suffern, NY entering NJ. 507 south begins at the border where 202 turns from west to south. Second photo taken 12/1/02 by Charlie O'Reilly.

202/507 north at the NY state line where 507 ends. Taken 12/1/02 by Charlie O'Reilly.
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