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NJ 20 Ends

Historic Western Segment

In 1959, 20 was proposed as a northern loop around Paterson along the Passaic River. The only part of this that was built was from CR 509 to I-80. Once the proposal was cancelled, these became the current south end and historic north end of 19 in 1988. See that page for photos.
Southern End

20 ends at US 46 in Paterson.

46 east at 20.

46 west at 20 and on the ramp toward Crooks Ave.

20 south merging into 46 west.

Aerial view of the beginning of 20 (bottom right), heading north from 46 to the right.
Northern End

20 ends at CR 504 in Paterson.

20 north ends and 504 west begins. 504 east extends 1 block to the left to the beginning of 20 south on 2nd Ave.

The signed beginning of 20 south is near the east end of 2nd Ave., which is inaccurate. First photo taken by Chris Mason.
Historic Eastern Segment

The first segment of 20 was built east of the Meadowlands. Once it was clear 20 would not be completed through residential areas of Carlstadt, Wallington, and other town, this became 120 in 1988. See that page for photos.
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