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Historic US 1 Alternate Ends

US 1 Alternate followed the former route of US 1 until 1988, when it was decommissioned since it ran on city streets. It was signed as US 1 Business for some years after that, but the official route of 1 Bus in 1988 was as currently defined.
Historic Southern End

1 Alt entered Pennsylvania or ended at the state line on the "Trenton Makes" (Lower Trenton) Bridge in Trenton. There is evidence that PA signed 1 Alt for some time on the old route of US 1, but it was discontinued prior to 1988.

Former 1 Alt south into Pennsylvania.

Looking northwest at the bridge. 1 Alt began midspan and headed east into New Jersey.
Historic Northern End

1 Alt ended at the Brunswick Circle in Lawrenceville. The circle is US 206 and now US 1 Business but was historically US 1 until 1988. All photos at this end were taken 7/23/02 by Ray Martin.

Brunswick Circle, historically 1/206 south, at the Brunswick Circle Extension exit where 1 Alt south historically began. This is now officially CR 645 west.

1 Alt bore right from CR 583 north, at one time also US 206 north, to get to Brunswick Circle.

Brunswick Circle, historically 1 south, at the Brunswick Ave. exit. Brunswick Ave. was the historic north end of 1 Alt and still brings 206 north into the circle, joining with historic 1 (now 1 Business) south.

Brunswick Circle Extension west, historic 1 Alt south, leaving Brunswick Circle.
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