New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - I-195

I-195 Ends

Western End

I-195 ends at I-295 and the east end of NJ 29 in Hamilton.

195 west at its end.

29 south ends and beomes 195 east.

The first guide sign on 195 east as it passes under Hobson Ave.

295 north at the beginnings of 29 and 195. The last photo is on the ramp to both.

295 south.
Eastern End

I-195 ends at NJ 34 and the west end of NJ 138 in Wall.

195 east ends at this overpass and 138 east begins.

138 west to Mile 0 and the beginning of 195.

Garden State Parkway (444) north at 138 just east of 34, such that 138 west is already signed as 195.
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