New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 19

NJ 19 Ends

Southern End

19 ends at US 46 along CR 509 in Clifton.

19 south/509 south where 19 south ends, taken by Chris Mason.

509 north where 19 north begins, taken by Chris Mason.

This is the base of the ramp from US 46 east as well as a jughandle for left turns from 19/509 south to Colfax Ave. Mile 0 on 19 is visible to the left.
Historic Northern End

Until 1992, 19 ended at the I-80 interchange in Paterson with stub roadways facing north. Once the NJ 20 bypass of Paterson was cancelled, the stubs were built out to their current configuration.

19 north at its historic end. Signs were replaced upon completion of the highway.

80 east at the former beginning of 19 south. Exit 57B was a stub until 1992.

80 west onto 19 south. The option for downtown Paterson was a stub.

The sign on the left predates the completion of 19. It was visible to traffic from 80 west to 19 south.
Northern End

19 ends at CR 509 (Main Street) in downtown Paterson.

19 south from 509.

The northwest corner of Main and Ward Streets. 19 begins to the left.
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