New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 18N

Historic NJ 18N Ends

18N existed from 1927 to 1929, when NJ S1A and NJ 1 were redefined and moved onto it.
Historic Southern End

18N ended along what became S1A and is now 67 in Fort Lee.

67 south, historically 18N south, ends in a wye. The leg to the right (first photo) leads and led to 5 west.

5 east at the wye leg leading to historic 18N north.
Historic Northern End

18N ended along what became 1 and is now US 9W at the New York state line in Alpine.

9W south from New York entering New Jersey, the historic beginning of 18N south. First photo was taken by Bill Mitchell.

9W south in 1973, taken by Michael Summa.

9W north entering New York from the historic end of 18N north.
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