New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 187

NJ 187 Ends

Southern End

187 ends at the Atlantic City-Brigantine Connector (446X) in Atlantic City. Before 446X was constructed, it ended at US 30.

187 south at 446X. 30 is to the left and the NJ 30 shield is in error.

446X north (facing west) at 187 and the US 187 shield is in error.

446X south (facing east) with the same error, taken by Scott Colbert.
Northern End

187 ends at NJ 87 in Atlantic City.

187 north ends at Huron Ave. and 87 north continues ahead.

Huron Ave. south. 187 south is to the left, 87 south is straight ahead, and 87 north is to the right.

87 south at the split to 187. 87 south uses the ramp to the right. The ramp to the left leads to 187 south, which technically does not begin until Huron Ave. Second photo taken by Lou Corsaro.

87 north. 187 south is to the right and 87 north is to the left, so the shields are in error.
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