New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 185

NJ 185 Ends

Southern End

185 ends at NJ 440 in Jersey City.

185 south at its end before 440 was rerouted over NJ 169 in 2001. 440 was planned as a west side bypass of Jersey City and 169 was to serve port facilities on the east side. Photos taken by Bill Mitchell.

440 north at the beginning of 185. The interchange was designed with 185 as the through route, envisioning a system without 440 traffic and with 185 completed.

440 south approaching the left turn to 185 north.
Northern End

185 ends at Linden Ave. in Jersey City. It is still planned to be extended north to Bayview Ave. near I-78 Exit 14B.

185 south begins.
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