New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 184

NJ 184 Ends

Western End

184 ends at the Garden State Parkway (444) multiplexed with CR 501 in Woodbridge.

184/501 west. 184 ends on the far side of the 444 overpass.

Old signs on the 444 south ramp to US 9 south. 184 west ends as this ramp merges into 501 west.

The exit from the 444 south ramp signed for North US 1/9 and NJ 440 actually leads to 184/501 east.
Eastern End

184 ends at NJ 35 in Perth Amboy.

184 east at the ramp to 440 north. 184 east heads toward Amboy Ave. and ends at 35 (Convery Blvd.).
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