New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 183

NJ 183 Ends

Southern End

183 ends at US 206 and I-80 in Mount Olive.

183 south ending at 80/206. 206 south is straight ahead, and 206 north was to the right with 80 west. Taken by Chris Mason.

206 north at 80 and the beginning of 183. Of course, the Pennsylvania shield is in error. First and third photos taken 5/21/02 by Doug Kerr, and you can see in the second photo that the third photo's signs have been replaced.

The gore where 206 north leaves its former alignment, on which 183 is now designated.

80 east/206 south where they split and 183 ends. Last photo taken 5/21/02 by Doug Kerr.

80 west at 183 and 206 south. 206 north continues straight ahead.
Northern End

183 ends at US 206 in Stanhope.

206 south at the beginning of 183. The NJ 206 shield should be US 206.

206 north.
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