New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 180

Historic NJ 180 Ends

180 was the former alignment of NJ 72 approaching the Manahawkin Bay Bridge but was decommissioned in 1980 in a maintenance swap with Ocean County so the state could acquire NJ 35 to Island Beach State Park.
Historic Western End

180 ended at the 72/US 9 interchange in Manahawkin. I am not clear if the ramp from 9 south to 72 west was considered part of 180, but given its length with part of it being 2-way, it likely was.

This sign faced 180 west at 9, probably dating to when 180 was created in 1968.

These bridge abutments are on the ramp from 9 south/180 west to 72 west, dating to when this was the 72 mainline (S40 being its pre-1953 number).

9 south approaching and at the west end of 180. The LBI sign predates the modern 72 alignment since one cannot turn left at the interchange.
Historic Eastern End

180 ended at 72 at the east end of Bay Ave. in Stafford Twp.

Bay Ave. dead ends at the Manahawkin Bay Bridge. This was original 72 east but 180 likely ended at the ramps to and from 72 west just behind me.

180 west began here at the ramp from 72 west.
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