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NJ 18 Ends

S28 was renumbered to 18 in 1953.
Southern End

18 ends at NJ 138 in Wall. It was intended to continue south to NJ 34/NJ 35/NJ 70.

138 east at the beginning of 18.

An older photo along 138 east showing the intended southern continuation, taken by Doug Kerr.

138 west.

18 north begins on the ramp from 138 east and crosses under 138.

Looking north from the unbuilt freeway stub south of 138.

18 south at its end.

Looking south along the intended continuation of 18.
Historic Southern End

When 18 replaced S28 in 1953, it took over the routing that ended along CR 516 at NJ 79 in Matawan. 18 was removed from 516 in 1959 as the highway was constructed south along its current alignment.

This cemetery is on the southwest corner of 79 and what was the end of 18. This photo faces west from their junction.
Original Northern End

18 followed what is now NJ 172 onto George St., ending at NJ 27/CR 514/CR 527 together with US 130 until 1955.

527 north at 27/514, where 18 and 130 north ended. 527 turns left on 27 south/514 west. Taken by Chris Mason.
Historic Northern End

In 1955, 18 was rerouted along what later became CR 514 Spur to NJ 28 in Middlesex. This lasted until 1983.

Facing west at the end of former 18, later 514 Spur, now CR 622. Taken by Lou Corsaro.
Historic Truncated Northern End

In 1983, 18 was truncated to the end of state maintenance on the north side of the Raritan River bridge in Piscataway, at River Rd. (then 514 Spur). This remained in effect until construction started to extend 18 to I-287 in 2004.

514 Spur east at Metlars Lane in 2003 as 18 was being extended. Photo taken by Doug Kerr.

Metlars Lane north from the end of 18 in 2003, taken by Doug Kerr.
Interim Northern End

In 2004, Metlars Lane was improved to Hoes Lane and 18 was extended north to that point, ending where Hoes Lane transitioned back to county maintenance. Various proposals for completion were floated, including a freeway alignment, before the rest of Hoes Lane was upgraded and 18 moved to its current end in 2016.

I promised not to show interim ends on my site, but this was very definitively signed for 12 years. 18 north ends as it becomes Hoes Lane, both photos taken in 2004 by Scott Colbert.

The beginning of 18 south from Hoes Lane in March 2005.
Northern End

18 ends at I-287 south Exit 8 ramps in Piscataway.

287 south signs at Exit 8. 18 shields have more recently been added to these signs.
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