New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 174

Historic NJ 174 Ends

174 was assigned to the US 1 freeway north of the Brunswick Circle exit in 1955. Although the freeway was completed in 1973, US 1 wasn't moved onto it until 1988, at which point 174 ceased to exist.
Historic Southern End

174 ended along the Trenton Freeway at what is now US 1 Business in Trenton.

1 Bus begins on this left exit ramp from 1 north. Before 1988, 1 bore left and 174 continued straight on the freway.
Original Northern End

174 ended at Whitehead Rd. until 1973, which is likely the reason it was designated as a state route instead of US 1 from the start.

Whitehead Rd. north at 1 south, the original beginning of 174 south.
Historic Northern End

After 1973, 174 ended at what is now the north end of US 1 Business in Lawrence.

1 south at the beginning of 1 Bus, both signs on the same gantry. Before 1988, 1 continued straight and 174 was to the left.
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