New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 173

NJ 173 Ends

Western End

173 ends at US 22 and I-78 in Still Valley, Greenwich Twp. and Pohatcong Twp.

173 west ends as it merges into 22 west. NJ 122 begins at the next intersection.

Wider views of the first two photos, taken by Chris Mason.

22 east at the beginning of 173 east. Wider view in the second photo taken by Chris Mason.

78 east approaching the junction of 22 east and the beginning of 173.
Eastern End

173 ends at NJ 31 and Beaver Avenue (Hunterdon CR 626) in Clinton.

31 north at the overpass where 173 begins. The U-turn ramp to 31 south joins Beaver Ave., where one turns right onto 173 west.

173 west from Beaver Ave. comes to this scene after crossing 31.

31 south at a loop ramp to Beaver Ave., which joins 173 east near its end.
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