New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 172

NJ 172 Ends

Western End

172 ends multiplexed with CR 527 at Commercial Ave. in New Brunswick.

Commercial Ave. north at 527. 172 begins to the right. Photo taken by Lou Corsaro.
Eastern End

172 ends multiplexed with CR 527 at NJ 18 in New Brunswick.

172 east at the ramp joining 18 south. 172 officially ends at the frontage road along 18 north.

172 east formerly fed directly into 18 south, and this Mile END was posted at the end of the ramp.

Remaining photos at this end were taken 9/14/2008.

172 south at its new end, with the future 18 overpass under construction.

18 north at the future exit to the frontage road. 172 is the overpass in the background and 18 north will bear left to go under it.

Looking north from the east end of 172 up the future 18 north frontage road.

The new ramp from 172 east to 18 south.

172 north under construction from the 18 north frontage road.
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