New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 25M/171

NJ 171/Historic NJ 25M Ends

25M was eliminated in 1953 because it was redundant with US 130. When US 130 was truncated in 1969, 171 was established with the same historic ends as 25M.
Southern End

171 ends at US 1 and the north end of US 130 in North Brunswick.

171 south onto the beginning of 130 south.

130 north.

1 south at the beginnings of 130 and 171. The last photo is on the ramp. 130 and 171 officially end at the junction with the ramp to 171 that branches to the right. Photos taken in summer 2003 before construction was complete.

The top of the 1 north ramp to 171/130. 171 north is to the left.
Northern End

171 ends at the North Brunswick/New Brunswick border.
Historic Northern End

Until 2019, 171 extended to the historic northern end of US 130 in downtown New Brunswick at NJ 27/CR 514/CR 527. All of the streets it followed were city maintained, which may explain the decommissioning.

527 north at 27/514, where 171 north ended. 527 turns left on 27 south/514 west. Taken by Chris Mason.
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