New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 2/17

NJ 17/Historic NJ 2 Ends

2 was renumbered to 17 in 1942 to match NY 17.
Southern End

17 ends at NJ 7/CR 507 at the Kearny/North Arlington border.

17 north from 7.
Historic Northern End

Until no later than 1936 when the modern alignment opened, 2 ended at the New York state line where US 202 enters the state in Mahwah.

202 west in Suffern, NY entering NJ. 2 south began at the border and continued straight where 202 turns right. Second photo taken 12/1/02 by Charlie O'Reilly.

202/historic 2 north at the NY state line where 2 ended. Taken 12/1/02 by Charlie O'Reilly.
Northern End

17 enters New York with I-287 in Mahwah.

17 north/287 north at the NY state line. The New York State DOT signs are posted on the New Jersey side. Second photo taken by Chris Mason. Third photo taken 7/31/99 by Ray Martin.

NY 17 north/287 north across the state line where they meet I-87 (New York Thruway). 287 changes directions to east here, incorrectly left off the overhead sign.

17 south/287 south at the New York state line. Taken 7/31/99 by Ray Martin.

I-87 south/NY 17 south at I-287 where they split just north of the state line. Second photo taken 11/21/00 by Doug Kerr.

I-87 north/I-287 west at NY 17 where they split just north of the state line. Taken 3/31/02 by Doug Kerr.
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