New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 169

Historic NJ 169 Ends

169 was assigned to what is now NJ 440 north of Hook Rd. in Bayonne when 440 was planned to bypass the city to the west. Although it was completed south back to 440 in 1992, 169 was not renumbered as part of 440 until 2001, officially ending the bypass plans.
Historic Southern End

169 ended at 440 and CR 501 in Bayonne.

440 north became 169 as 501 north leaves and turns left from this ramp. Photos taken before renumbering by Bill Donovan.

The entrance to 169 from JFK Blvd. north at the interchange where 501 leaves 440, taken by Bill Donovan.

501 south bears right to join historic 169 south into 440 south.
Original Southern End

169 ended at Hook Rd. in Bayonne until 1992.

169 north at its former beginning at Hook Rd. Photo taken before renumbering by Bill Donovan.

169 south beyond Hook Rd. on the newer section, taken before renumbering by Bill Donovan.

First guide sign on 169 north from Hook Rd., remaining in place after renumbering in 2001 but probably dating no earlier than 1992.
Historic Northern End

169 ended at 440 at a former half-built trumpet interchange west of 54th St. in Bayonne.

The original trumpet interchange occupied the bulge into Newark Bay that is now parkland. The only constructed ramps were for continuity between 440 and 169. That configuration was revised into the curves you see here once the Bayonne bypass was cancelled. The former 169 north-440 north ramp is the path of 440 north now.
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