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NJ 167 Ends

Southern End (Southern Section)

167 ends at US 9 in Port Republic.

167 south. 9 south formerly continued straight from here into its current alignment.

Looking northeast at the beginning of 167. The original alignment of US 9 went to the right (south) behind the stop sign.
Northern End (Southern Section)

167 ends at a dead end by the Garden State Parkway (444) in Port Republic.

167 north to its end.

167 south from its dead end.
Historic Southern End (Northern Section)

Until 1962, the former US 9 Mullica River bridge was intact, so there was only one section of 167. Until sometime around 2010, the northern section of 167 was still defined to extend south to the northern shore of the river at the first channel in the river. (All bridges were gone by then.) It was then truncated to its current gated end.

Pavement was ripped up and the roadbed was not traversable. The defined route continued like this to the river. Photo taken in November 2006.

Heading back north on 167.
Southern End (Northern Section)

167 ends at a dead end in Bass River. It used to continue to the end of the road at the former Mullica River bridge approach.

167 south to its end. The state more recently abandoned the roadway beyond the fence.

Walking south beyond the fence on former 167 and, earlier, 9.

Former 167 north to the current southern end of the northern section.
Northern End (Northern Section)

167 ends at US 9 in Bass River.

167 north to its stub end where 9 north formerly continued straight. 167 now officially uses the connection to the right (dirty but paved) to 9.

9 south at its former continuation into what is now 167. The sign blade and opening in the background are the northern terminus of 167.
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