New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 165

NJ 165 Ends

Southern End

165 ends multiplexed with NJ 29 at Main St., former 29, in Lambertville.

29 north at S. Main St. where 29 used to turn left. 165 begins here and 29/165 now go to the right.

The first sign on 29/165 still says "To" 29 but is now officially 29 north.

Looking north on 29/165. Taken by Chris Mason.
Northern End

165 ends multiplexed with NJ 29 at NJ 179 in Lambertville.

29/165 north at the beginning of CR 518 with 179 and the end of 165 in the background.

29/165 north at 179 where 165 ends. Before 1953, 29 continued straight on a US 202 multiplex to Somerville and US 22 multiplex from there to Newark. Taken by Chris Mason.
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