New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 164

Historic NJ 164 Ends

164 was on Humboldt Ave. in Elizabeth, now called Dowd Ave. It was built for port access and rendered obsolete by NJ 81, which opened in 1982. 164 was likely decommissioned earlier than that, since Humboldt Ave. was renamed Dowd Ave. by 1969 and 164 shields no longer appear on topo maps.
Historic Southern End

164 ended at Trumbull St. in Elizabeth.

From 4th St. looking east, 164 began as a left turn between railroad overpasses at this signal.

The beginning of 164 north from Trumbull St.
Historic Northern End

164 ended at US 1/US 9 in Elizabeth at what is now the interchange with 81. The 1/9/81 interchange was cleared and graded while 164 existed. There was a small interchange with 1/9/164 inside the cleared area.

1/9 south at the beginning of 81, about where the interchange with 164 was. Signs on the left and the third photo are over the Express roadway, and signs on the right and the last photo are over the Local roadway.

The closest one can trace 164 now is to follow 81 south to the first exit to Dowd Ave. where it resumes being a surface street.

The north end of Dowd Ave. at 81, relatively close to its historic end.

Overhead signs on the North Ave. traffic signals refer to Dowd Ave. as 81 (as opposed to 164), and more modern signs repeat the error by showing 81 south following Dowd.
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