New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 163

NJ 163 Ends

Southern End

163 ends at US 46 in Knowlton Twp. It is inventoried as north-south despite replacing former US 46, which is east-west.

163 south at its end. 46 east originally continued straight from 163.

163 is signed as Lackawana Rd. from 46 east.

46 west and continuing onto unsigned 163.
Northern End

163 ends at a dead end on the former US 46 Delaware Bridge to Pennsylvania in Knowlton Twp.

163 north at the end of the road.

The former ramp from 46 east to what was then NJ 94 north now connects the north end of 163 to 46.

Looking west from the end of NJ 163 prior to demolition of the bridge over US 46, taken by Myles Putman in 1979.
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